Our stories change us, challenge us, and define us.

The heartbeat of any project whether it is a book, a piece of art, a screenplay, a business you are building, a theatre performance, a song, or even a memoir

 is the story.  

The magic truly lies in the authenticity and vulnerability of the storyteller and the ability to articulate the heart of why it matters.

Your greatest asset is YOU.  Period.

The more you can lean into your own scars and imperfections, stand in your truth and bravely accept that you are worth it,  the more you will discover a limitless well of power, purpose, and creativity.

Sharing your own story, in whatever form, can provide the stepping stones for transformation and holds the power to revolutionize hearts.

Everyone has a story.

Your story matters.  The key to unlock it lies within you.

Don’t cheat the world of who you are.   Give us all you got!

Ignite Your Authentic Voice

Erika Conway has spent the past 4 years as a director, producer and coach of a touring a one man show that has swept up awards internationally, sold out Off Broadway and is still gaining momentum in Professional theatres across Canada and the US.

And the crazy part is…..the performer didn’t have a background in acting!

Erika knows and understands first hand the power of telling your story and tapping into your authentic voice.

Our stories can provide the stepping stones for transformation.

This class is designed to take a peek “behind the curtain”, do a deep dive into your internal world and ignite your authentic voice connecting back to your greatest asset.  YOU.

Her specialty is digging into your personal stories, shining a light on the internal roadblocks holding you back, liberating your creative spark, and activating that powerful authority you have within you just begging you to give it a voice.

As a veteran of stage and film, Erika understands the creative culture actors face and the challenges within it. Her combined experience as a yoga/meditation teacher and creative coach gives her the ability to offer effective strategies.

Your stories matter.  Let Erika empower you to share yours!

Haven Acting Studio , Vancouver B.C.

March 4-5, 2023

May 13-14, 2023


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